Friday, June 20, 2008

This 2ww is different

Today is only the first day after the transfer and I'm already constantly wondering if I will get pregnant. I look at the picture of my embryos and wonder if they will implant and what kind of people they could become. That's when it hit me, this 2ww is different from any other I've ever had. In every past cycle I had no way of knowing if my egg had fertilized. After so many failed cycles I really began to wonder out of how many of those had an egg even fertilized. Was our problem one of the sperm not getting where they needed to be, one in which the sperm couldn't penetrate or fertilize the eggs, or was it an implantation issue?

This time around I know 100% for sure that there are two embryos in there. Now my wondering turns to are they still developing and will they implant. Oh please let them implant.

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