Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Not the Heat It's the Humidity

Actually, no, it's both. In case you are somewhere in the world where it's cold in June, you may not be aware the absolutely stifling temperatures here in grand old Milwaukee, WI. Yesterday it was near 100, and over 100 if you believe in something called the heat index (think opposite of wind chill). When I was younger the heat never really seemed to bother me. Yes, my skin turns colors of red that would rival a lobster, in under 15 minutes when I'm out in the sun but that's different from being just uncomfortable in hot weather. As a youngster the house I grew up in had central air but I can remember that breaking at some point and never getting fixed. Sure, some days were mighty hot, but never so hot that I couldn't sleep or eat or play. Even as recently as seven years ago when we purchased our un-air conditioned home I didn't give it much thought as I've always much preferred open windows and a breeze to fake, cold air. There were a few nights when I was pregnant with SB when the temperature was over 95 in the shade and I recall trying to fall asleep with multiple fans blowing directly on me and I was uncomfortable (I was 8 months pregnant) but I did fall asleep. Turn to today and I'm not sure if it's my age, my being pregnant, or a some combination of both that is just making me hate the hot weather so much. Yesterday I came home from work and immediately retreated into the air conditioned bliss that is my bedroom thanks to a wonderful window air conditioner the husband put in last week. I ate dinner while sitting in bed and fending off the curious hands of the baby trying to grab my food. I got annoyed every time I had to venture out of the cool, cool air and into the stagnant, hot air of the hallway. I felt guilty putting my children to bed in their un-air conditioned rooms with mere fans blowing hot air back on them and then I remembered how the heat used to not really bother me and so it is I suppose with my kids. In fact, QT insisted on having her comforter pulled up to her chin, crazy girl. I'm hoping for a break in the heat soon and I'm also hoping for rain. Normal people hope for rain to help water the brown lawn or keep their gardens growing. Not me. I need it to rain to rid myself of this headache. Pressure systems have always been a trigger for my migraines and that hasn't changed with pregnancy. What has changed, of course, are the medications I can take and right about now Tylenol, even the kind with Coedine is not helping at all. Having a bad headache, in turn, makes my morning sickness worse and yes, I still experience morning sickness even at 17 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I had a wonderful lunch of vegetable tortellini only to completely lost it right around 3:30pm. It was disappointing and exhausting. Vomiting just has a way of sapping all of your energy. I'm hoping that today's lunch will end with better results but just in case it doesn't I'm going to try and pick something to eat that doesn't involve carrots and spinach.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Back to One Baby

The husband, SB and QT all piled on a plane Wednesday and headed down to Texas. It was the kids first time on an airplane and I was sad to miss it but I'm just not feeling up to a big trip with all three kids, not to mention, everyday I take off from work now is another day I don't have for my maternity leave. So, I am home with just the Sully. It's strange to go back to the days of having just one baby. I've been planning Sully's first birthday party and at the same time I'm beginning to wonder if he's heading down the same road QT did. He's barely crawling, mainly he rolls around to get where he wants to be, and he's making no attempts at all to stand. And, much like QT, when I try to stand him up he pulls his feet up off the ground. I was really hoping that the helmet would be his one "thing." SB had the NICU, QT has IVF and her little robo-legs and Sully had the helmet. I suppose another set of robo-legs wouldn't be the worst thing but geez, what's up with my kids and their bones/legs/muscles?

It's hard to let myself get too worried since he's such a cutie:

Notice that he is holding the tv remote control. He really does take after me.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Two Years Later

If you had asked me two years ago today as I sat in my doctor's office crying because I had just been told my baby no longer had a heart beat if I would have another baby I would have resoundingly answered yes.  I'm stubborn like that and my losses weren't going to stop me from pushing onward and continuing to try for a third child.

Now, if you had asked if I would have another child AND be pregnant with yet another I think my answer would have been no way.  Not because another child was unwanted but simply because my brain wouldn't have been able to figure out the logistics of that.  And so it is with the life, somethings are just mysteries in how and why they happen.  This baby is a wonderful mystery.

Speaking of mysteries, QT is quite adamant that she would like a baby sister and then another baby brother.  I told her we would need some time to think over adding a fifth baby, afterall, where would a fifth baby sleep?  She said he could sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag.  Problem solved.  Anyway, every time SB hears QT say how she wants a baby sister, he responds with "you don't get to choose, it's a mystery."  And he's right.