Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Day Thus Far

Today I am in my 26th week of pregnancy. So, you'd think I'd be past the whole morning sickness thing but nope. My morning started with my hitting the snooze button without even waking up enough to remember it. I've been waking up multiple times each night so I'm not sleeping very well and don't feel super refreshed or awake in the mornings. By the time the alarm sounded a second time it did wake me up but I was still slow to get out of bed. Normally I take my thyroid medicine and baby aspirin first thing but this morning I forgot, probably because QT wanted a huggie or the baby was crying or something distracted me. Or, perhaps it was simply because these days I can't remember anything unless I have a little yellow sticky to remind me. Anyway, by the time I'm done showering I remember to take the medicine and then proceed to do my hair and get dressed. Things seem to be moving along well until I start feeling quite sick and a large coughing fit ensues. The coughing triggers my bladder to just loose all control of itself and I begin wetting my pants. Yep, forgot to put a liner in the undies so now I'm changing those and re-fixing my clothes, which is no small task to make sure the jean skirt isn't pulled up to high or falling down too low or that the spandex tank top isn't showing or that my shirt doesn't look baggy and goofy below my protruding belly. I finally get it all set, get my shoes on, apply band aids to the places on my feet where the shoes rub the wrong way as the day wears on and my feet begin to swell and I'm ready!

Or not. Because guess who forgot to do their twice daily shot of Lovenox. Yep, me. So, I have to pull the two shirts up and the skirt down and administer a shot which then causes me to begin bleeding and I don't have any tissue close by so I'm trying to waddle my way into the bathroom while still holding all my clothes out of the way of the blood and get things cleaned up. I spend the next three minutes re-fixing all the layers of clothing and finally, finally I head downstairs.

Fast forward a few hours. I've eaten breakfast, two small cheese croissant danish thingies and half a cup of coffee when all of a sudden I know I'm going to throw up. And, it's not like my normal I know I'm going to throw up sometime in the next ten minutes or so type warning, it's an all out, the food is already in my throat I'm going to throw-up moment. I quickly look to the bathroom and see someone is already in there - GET OUT! GET OUT NOW! I'm thinking as I'm also frantically trying to figure out how I will ever manage to throw-up at my desk and not also pee in my pants at the same time. Thankfully the bathroom clears and I rush in there but not quite in time as I vomit onto the floor and then finally make it to the sink. In between heaving I open the cabinet for my barf bowl and realize someone has taken it. Why oh why would someone do that? I know they have no idea why it was in the cabinet but obviously someone put it there for a reason. Did I really need to label it "Kelly's barf bowl?" So, I'm left with only the option of throwing up into the trash can while sitting on the toilet and peeing. For those wondering why I can't just throw up into the toilet, well, let's just say that with each pregnancy my bladder control is less and less and so I can't vomit without also peeing like crazy at the same time. Too much information I'm sure, but it's the cold, hard truth. Now, even with the garbage removed and the bathroom floor mopped, it still smells horribly of vomit and I'm sure that I am the talk of the office but honestly, at this point, I'm just too exhausted to care.

Right now it's afternoon and I feel hung-over. I'm tired and have a massive headache but I'm too scared to try and swallow any medicine for fear it will bring on another vomiting attack. Hope everyone else is having a little better day than I am thus far.

Summer Lovin'

I can't believe that the summer is almost over and that SB has returned to school already. QT starts school next week and although I'm excited for her to start on a brand new adventure, I sometimes sit back and wonder how it is that I have two children old enough to be in school. As I've said before, the days are long but the years are short. I look around at the women I work with and think about how their kids are heading off to college or embarking on new marriages and careers and I think before I know it that will be my kids doing those things. I want to keep them safe and small and cute and at the same time I love watching them grow and mature into their own personalities and little persons.

Things are a bit hectic right now what with it being back to school time. I managed to make things even more hectic by attending an out of town business conference two weeks ago and taking a week off for a family vacation last week. We went back to the same house we rented in Eagle River, WI last year and had a great time. The kids got to spend time playing in the sand, swimming in the lake, roasting marshmallows at a campfire, playing with their grandparents, taking boating and fishing trips, driving go karts, taking a train ride and even taking a ride on a pirate ship. Good times were had by all, except that I can assure you that having a week off from work was NOT a vacation. I think I did more work while on vacation than I do in my average week of working at my job. Sully was up by 5:45 ever day demanding Baby Mum Mums and I stayed up later than usual at night so my tiredness level has escalated to an all-time high.

We got home late Saturday afternoon and I spent the better part of Saturday night and Sunday unpacking and doing laundry in preparation for SB returning to school on Monday and my return to work on Monday.

Did you know I'm having another baby? Yes, of course you do, as do I, but I'll be honest in that the full reality of that hasn't quite hit me yet. I realized the other day that within three months I will have a newborn and a total of four children and it's still just not something I can wrap my head around. I feel like a broken record of worries - is the baby okay? how will we ever have enough money to raise four children? where will they all fit in our little house? what if I go into labor and it's too quick and I can't make it to the hospital? what if I develop another blood clot? why am I getting so many headaches, is it pre-e? how will I ever have enough time to give each child enough attention? things are so disorganized now how can I even think about adding another baby? and so on and so on and so on.