Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Fab Four????

I had my second follie check yesterday morning and was nervous but kept telling myself that even if only half of the original 18 were still growing strong I'd be in a good position come retrieval time. They drew my blood and then I waited for the ultrasound tech hoping like heck that it would be Cathy and not the woman with the thick Russian accent. Of course it was the woman with the thick Russian accent. She did some pressing on my stomach to try and move the left ovary but didn't seem to be having much success. Then she asked if anyone else had tried to move it. Like who? Me? The husband? I just said no, that the other tech hadn't pushed at all. This got me to worrying that she doesn't think it is movable and if they can't move it then they can't get the eggs from it. Ugh. So, she tells me to sit up and I ask how everything looked and she said "good" and then left. I was kind of hoping for more detail than just "good" so I asked the nurse who was checking me out how things looked. She was a bit more descriptive, telling me that four of the follicles are where they like them to be (over 10mm) but that the rest were lagging behind. I was stunned and then the shock turned to panic. How could only four be growing? I asked her if she thought some of the others would catch up and she looked and then said "nope, these are the four dominant ones and none of the others have gotten bigger since your last check so they probably won't get any bigger now." What a blow. Then, to add insult to injury, she commented on how my estrogen level needed to go up as well. I told her I'd get working on that and see them all Wednesday. The drive back was filled with doubts, anxiety and desperate attempts to keep a positive attitude. Later in the day the office called to say that I should stay on the same stim schedule, same dosages, and that I should order MORE Gonal-f. This sent me into another panic because as of right now I have enough Gonal-f to get me through a nuclear holocaust and yet somehow my RE thinks I'll need to stim for even longer than that.

Tonight I have acupuncture (because six needle jabs a day just isn't enough). Hopefully those little needles will find a way to make my slow follicles get up off the couch and kick their butts into gear. Tomorrow morning will be an early one and all I can say is that if I'm going to get out of bed at 5:00 a.m. to go have my follies checked then they damn well had better cooperate and be abundant and of decent size.

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my hope my faith my love said...

GROW FOLLIES GROW! Good Luck, hope they keep growing.