Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Countdown 7, 6, 5

I got the call yesterday, about two hours after I expected them to call, that of the seven eggs, six were mature and that then five of those fertilized. It's hard to not want all of them to have fertilized but now is the time to focus on the five that did. I've been trying to send good vibes to them, asking them to continue to develop normally, but as it often is with children, you're just not sure they're paying any attention to you.

Tomorrow morning I have acupuncture and will again be anxiously awaiting a call from the clinic. When I see their phone number on the caller id my heart leaps into my throat and despite having been waiting and waiting for the call I'm suddenly scared to answer. Tomorrow they will call to tell me if we're doing a 3 day or a 5 day transfer. I'm praying that all five embies are still going strong tomorrow and that the transfer can be pushed to Saturday when we'll better be able to pick the best two.

Now, on to the thing that I think most scares people when it comes to IVF, the progesterone in oil shot. I've opted to not even try and give these to myself and have passed that job to the husband. So are so good. I can feel the poke when the needle goes in and then I don't feel anything else until he starts injecting the oil. It's a weird feeling, but not a painful one so that is good. One shot a day is better than the six I was doing. Six shots a day, however, was easier than the schedule I'm trying to keep up with now. Right now I'm taking 4 Tetracycline pills a day, 1 Medrol pill each night, 1 baby aspirin each night as well as eating 1/4 of a pineapple each day along with 8oz of pomegranate juice and some extra protein because I heard doing these things may help with implantation.

Here's my burning question of the day - how much bed rest, modified bed rest, light activity do I really need after the transfer? I'm pretty sure that the last time I got pregnant there was zero rest after my son was conceived so I'm questioning the notion that I would need multiple days of couch time (not that with the right movies and dvr'ed t.v. shows that couldn't be tons of fun). My RE advises bed rest the day of the transfer and then light activity from then on. The husband was shocked to learn that meant no sex. Yea, I "forgot" to tell him that when I outlined everything IVF entailed. Anyway, back to the question, if the transfer is in morning does that mean I can't go out to dinner that night? I want to do what's right but there doesn't seem to be any consensus as to what really is right. I'll save the hair coloring question for another day.

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Praying for your little eggies!!!