Monday, June 2, 2008

Injection, injection, what's your function?

I did my first of many Lupron injections yesterday. I was a little hesitant to stick myself but decided that I would be a huge baby if I chickened out. Given the size of the needle, which is so thin, I only hesitated a minute or so and then jabbed it into my abdomen. I barely felt it go in and I wouldn't say it hurt, although pushing the plunger down just feels strange. I guess in all my years I never thought that I'd be injecting myself with drugs. I've never even smoked pot for heaven's sake and now all of a sudden, here I am, a Lupron junky.

My ultrasound got changed to Friday morning so that I will have been on the stim meds for three full days. I'm anxious but trying to stay positive.

I've had a dull headache all day which I am attributing to the Lupron. Normally the only headaches I get are migraines, which thankfully this is not, but it's still annoying.

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shawna said...

Good Luck on the u/s. I hope that this headache is not here to stay.