Friday, June 27, 2008

To reward my loyal blog readers (all two of you)

First, I was wrong about the First Response Gold test not being a digital test. It is, indeed, digital. It gives you a nice "+Yes" or a not so nice "-No." How do I know? Well, I read the box better this morning WHEN I WAS USING THE TEST. I'm happy to announce that I got the nice +Yes response.

Oh.My.God. I think that I am really pregnant.

Did you hear me???? Pregnant!!!!

Although I am over the moon happy nothing is really official until my beta on Monday. I know the odds of the trigger shot still being in my system 13 days later is slim to none but the thought that it could be lingers in the back of my mind. And, the lady who posted on Fertility Friend that hers stuck with her for 18 days really isn't helping that worry to go away. 18 days? She must have a freakish metabolism. Wouldn't you agree?

By the way, the reward is that you are the first to know. Very exciting for you, I know. So, if you see the husband you are under strict orders not to tell him. I want to test at least one more time before I tell him.


shawna said...

OMG! I am so excited for you. It's my turn now. Congratulations!!

my hope my faith my love said...

HOORAY!!!! Congrats Kelly.

shawna said...

I bought 2 digitals, but I am not sure when I should use it. Did you get your positive on the digital the same day as the very faint line appeared.