Thursday, June 26, 2008

I got the look

You know that look from the Walgreen's clerk when you are buying pregnancy tests? Well, I got it big time tonight. Perhaps, just perhaps, it was because I was buying three boxes of them. I'm pretty sure that the 17 year-old behind the counter was wondering why in the world it would take six tests to figure out that you are pregnant. Ideally, it would only take one, but very little is ideal in the world of infertility and trying to conceive.

Here's what $50 will buy you:

2 Answer regular old school one line not pregnant, two lines pregnant tests;
2 First Response Gold tests that test for two hormone variants that occur in early pregnancy and although not a digital test the screen actually comes back saying either pregnant or not pregnant, or maybe it just says yes or no or maybe it's positive or you just wasted tons of money on an ivf that didn't work-sucker;
and last but not least,
2 Walgreen's digital tests.

Doesn't that First Response Gold sound fancy? It sure should be for $18.99!

Now the question becomes when to start using this stock pile of tests?????


Anonymous said...

Baby4OT here... are you gonna test tomorrow?? I can't wait to see your update. I'm leaving to go out of town tomorrow for a few days, but I hope I see a big ole BFP post from you when I get back!!

shawna said...

I am feeling a little cheap. I just spent $8.60 for a bag of 10 test strips online. Good Luck! Let me know if those expensive tests work better, because if you get a positive and I get negatives, I'm going to shell out the big bucks for the expensive ones.