This Cluttered Life is about just that, life.

Life is rarely neat and clean and buttoned up despite our best efforts to make it so.  Instead, it's hectic, unpredictable, joyous and at times quite sad. But, no matter what,  hopefully it's so full of people and experiences we love that we make it through.

I'm just a 41 year-old wife and mom to four who is working hard at my career and trying to find the delicate balance between the husband, the kids, work outside the home and the seemingly never ending work inside the home.

I don't have everything organized, heck, I can't even keep my dining room table cleared off.  I don't cook a home-made meal every night.  I don't only buy organic. I don't drag myself out of bed at 4:00am to workout.  I don't home school my kids, sew their Halloween costumes or scrapbook their baby pictures.  I don't breastfeed, cloth diaper or make my baby's baby food, but I do love them more than anyone else ever will.

I'm lazier than I should be and more sarcastic than anyone ought to be.  But, that's me and after 41 years I'm learning to love my life just how it is while at the same time trying to tweak those things I know need improvement.  But, I refuse to beat myself up over how many things on Pinterest I haven't yet tried, how many pounds I haven't yet lost or how I truly love watching the Real Housewives of Anywhere.

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