Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Biopsy Results Back

My doctor called me last night.  Nice of him to call me at home after hours but way to freak a person out.   Anyway, it's not all good news and it's not all bad news but really, I wish there wasn't any bad news at all, but there is.

The biopsy of the worse of the two lesions actually came back totally clean (good news).  He thinks the first biopsy actually took all the bad cells as there was nothing wrong with any of the tissue he took on Monday.

The biopsy of the "better" of the two lesions came back NOT showing clean margins (bad news).  We're left not knowing if there are any bad cells still there.  When they take the tissue they cauterize the edges and my doc said he moves out even further than necessary to try and make sure to get any and all bad cells but you can't know if you got them all if there aren't clean margins.

So, I'll have another pap in three months.  There's nothing that can be done now since my cervix has to heal before they can tell anything more.  Hopefully that pap will be good and I can move on and start thinking about hurrying up and doing a frozen embryo transfer.  If my pap is bad though then I'm in trouble.  My doc said he'd do another Leep to try and preserve my fertility but that his honest opinion would be that I should get a hysterectomy.  Ugh.

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