Saturday, February 2, 2013

Closet Progress

I spent the morning hanging out with Maren and Sully and then once the husband and the other kids were home I snuck upstairs for some closet decluttering.  Mission halfway accomplished.

The result was two bags of trash and four bags of assorted clothes, purses and tote bags to donate. I've discovered that I have a very severe tote bag habit.  I've also discovered that it probably is better to not look at clothes that have been hiding in my closet for years because once I start looking I start finding reasons to keep things.  So, although I packed up four bags of things to give away, I also hauled an entire laundry basket of clothes I haven't worn in years down to the basement thinking that I will wash them and begin to wear them again. 

Whereas I collect tote bags, Shannon collects Pokeman cards and Mario figures. And he takes them seriously.  He didn't look up once the entire time I was working.

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