Saturday, February 9, 2013

Easy Peasy, Quick Healthy and Meatless Dinner

I know there is a movement out there called "Meatless Mondays" where you obviously make meals on Mondays that don't contain meat.  Sounds a lot to me like what Catholics have been doing for centuries, except we eschew meat on Fridays.  This week we did a meatless Thursday, dining on a quick and easy dinner of salmon, brown rice, peppers and spinach.

I added a little oil to hot pan, sprinkled the salmon with a little salt and pepper and started cooking it.

At the same time, I was cooking the rice.

While the fish and rice cooked, I chopped up half a red pepper, half a yellow pepper and half a orange pepper, along with one small onion.

After about four or five minutes, I flipped the salmon.

Once the fish finished, in about four more minutes, I put it on a plate and added the peppers and onion to the pan along with a little bit of water.  I covered the pan and let everything simmer for about five minutes and then cooked it uncovered for another five minutes.  I like my peppers well cooked so I let them just sit while I steamed some spinach.  For that I just poured an entire bag of fresh baby spinach into a bowl, covered it with plastic wrap, stabbed a fork through the wrap to vent the bowl and then stuck it in the microwave for three minutes.  When it came out it was wilted and what was once a full bowl of spinach was now just occupying the bottom of the bowl.

Plated it all looked like this:

Overall, I really liked the meal and liked how simple it was to make.  One thing I wouldn't do again is the spinach.  Fresh spinach is a little expensive and honestly, I like canned spinach better (I know, I'm weird).
This recipe will definitely be added into my rotation...........that's if I ever get to the point where I actually have a rotation!  I'm working on it.

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