Monday, February 11, 2013


We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcasting.  I'm back at work full-time as of today.

The morning actually went very smoothly.  We were all up, dressed, fed and out the door by 7:20 a.m.  The husband took Shannon and Quinn to school and then brought Sully and Maren back home while I headed off to work.  Being back in the office makes me feel almost like I was never gone.  I just fall right back into my same routine, just with more work to go through the first few weeks when I'm trying to play catch up.

I held Maren for a little bit before leaving this morning and I'm holding her now.  She's so sweet and sometimes I wish I could just hold her all day, but I know that doesn't happen even when I am home.  And so, I'm actually really good with going back to work.  I'm lucky that I love my job and lucky that I have a husband with a pretty flexible schedule and family who watches our kids when the husband and I can't.

The day was busy but typical.  Getting home now I'm tired, but again, nothing unusual about that.  I had thrown some chicken breasts and baby potatoes into the crockpot this morning and it turned out fairly well so we even had a "real" dinner.  Now if only everyday could go so well.  Tomorrow is the night the husband works late so I'll be doing pick-up, dinner, homework and bedtime on my own.  To try and make that easier, I've decided to take a few hours of vacation time each Tuesday until the husband is done teaching in May.  This way I figure I'll have enough time to leave work, get home, maybe hit double coupon day at the grocery store and get dinner ready before I even need to go pick the kids up.  And, I could also pick Shannon up   earlier than normal and bring him home to do his homework before I get the rest of the clan.  Things are so hectic when we all get home together so it might help him to be here by himself to work on his homework.  He's only six, so it's not like he's working on algebra, but, he's easily distracted so every little thing helps.  I'm hoping just this little extra three hours will really help my week go smoother and well, honestly, help keep my sanity intact.

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