Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nowhere to Hide

Here's the rundown of the last three days:

Friday - Decided to walk over to Bastille Days for lunch and ended up eating some wonderful garlic steak, sour cream and chive fries and a super rich chocolate mousse crepe. For those of you not from or familiar with Milwaukee we are not just all about beer, although don't get me wrong, we are a lot about the beer, but even more so I'd say we are all about festivals. Beginning in May and going through at least September there is some sort of festival going on every weekend. Summer is so short in Wisconsin that we tend to try and pack everything in to just three months because you never know when it's going to snow. We are the home to Polish Fest, Irish Fest, Festa Italiana, German Fest, Mexican Fiesta, Pride Fest, Asian Moon Festival, Bastille Days, River Splash and the fest to beat all fests, Summerfest, the world's largest musical festival. Add all this to some additional ethnic fests which are slipping my mind and the church festivals and the state fair and it adds up to opportunities to eat around every corner. It's really hard to get out in the summer and not be faced with a wide array of too tempting, not healthy enough foods. Not that I'm trying to make excuses...........

When I got home from work the husband wanted pizza and so we ordered in and my dinner was a meatball pizza with a slice of garlic bread.

On to Saturday- Started the day with coffee and egg burritos. Honestly I don't even remember lunch but I do remember dinner. My other husband came over and babysat the kids which allowed the husband and I to go the Brewer's game. Imagine a sold out game at the wonderful Miller Park. Imagine a big bowl of nachos, a hot dog, peanuts and a beer. Imagine the Brewer's winning and you'll have a pretty good picture of my Saturday night.

Sunday - More coffee and then an all too familiar feeling came over me. It's a feeling of defeat and disappointment. It's rationalizing that since I've already eaten so much junk over the last few days that I might as well just keep eating that way the entire weekend.

Let's hope that there's a better week ahead and that I can shake these feelings and cravings.

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