Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going Bananas

I woke up this morning with a very bad headache which normally means that it is going to rain and although it looked like rain all day as of right now it hasn't yet. One of my go to headache cures is caffeine so in addition to my coffee this morning I did have a Coke with lunch. Soda is something I generally try and stay away from as it is just empty calories and I really dislike diet sodas with perhaps the exception of diet Dr. Pepper. But, that Coke did seem to do wonders so I think it was worth it. Was the rest of my lunch worth it? I think not. I was all set to have a turkey wrap for lunch when a co-worker invited me to go out to lunch. Now, I've been trying to bring my lunch for two reasons. First, if I plan out my lunch then I can pack healthy foods with very little left to chance or temptation and second, eating out is expensive. Always eating in though isn't much fun so I accepted the invitation and out to lunch I went. The buffalo chicken wrap called to me from the menu, as did the coleslaw. As it turned out, the wrap had way too much of the hot buffalo sauce and I barely was able to get half of the wrap down so I asked that the other half be wrapped up and I took it home for the husband. I must say that the coleslaw was quite excellent.

Arriving home from work I found dinner already made:

It was a mix of rice, diced tomatoes and chicken. The husband has a way of using what we have to make one pot meals. The chicken and tomatoes came from the Share program. I discovered the Share program about a year ago and we've been buying groceries from them every month. Share is a food buying co-op and there are no income restrictions so anyone and everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the deals they offer. This is what one serving looks like:

On my way back into the kitchen to clean up I walked right into this, something I've done at least five times in the last few months and yet it took one more time for me to actually move the crate to a place where I won't constantly be walking into it.

As my little toe throbbed with pain I set about making oatmeal. I cooked it with a sliced up banana, let it cool, and packed it up for breakfast tomorrow.

Now my mind is thinking about yummy bananas and has wandered to a blog entry I read here which explained how you can take frozen bananas and make them into something resembling soft serve ice-cream. It sounded and looked excellent so I figured I'd give it a try. I started with two frozen bananas:

Into the food processor they went:

I let them go for five minutes:

And this is what I ended up with:

Not quite what I was expecting as it was more like a banana smoothie than ice-cream. Perhaps I hadn't let my bananas freeze long enough. I was disappointed in the result so I stuck the container back into the freezer hoping for better results tomorrow. Since I was still hungry for something I opted for the lunch I didn't have earlier. This was half a Flatout wrap, a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese, the great Gulden's spicy brown mustard, some deli shaved chicken and fresh yellow and red peppers. I love peppers:

Doesn't it look super stuffed? All this for under 150 calories!

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