Monday, July 20, 2009

The Hours

Some days drag on and on and it seems as though the end of the work day will never come. Today was not that kind of a day. Today I looked at my clock and was shocked to see it was past 12:30 when I honestly didn't even think it had hit 10:30 yet. We are in the midst of a big system upgrade at work which equals extra work for me. At the same time a co-worker is on maternity leave and so that too equals extra work for me. Honestly, I'm busy but I'm also enjoying it. I can remember after I had SB and I was home on maternity leave thinking about how much I'd love to be a stay at home mom. Not returning to work was not an option but what I found after I did return was that I had actually missed my job. Being a mother gives me a huge sense of purpose but not in the same way that my job does. I think that could be because the reward is so much more immediate at work. As a mom my reward will be seeing SB grow up into a great young man but every day at work when I accomplish something it is rewarding. Also, upon realizing that I have at least 30 more years of work to look forward to I thought it might be a good idea to make certain that my work is not boring but instead challenging and more of a career than just a job.

One thing about working that is not so rewarding is the amount of food I've been eating there lately. A while back my boss instituted hour long lunches. Previously we had the option of taking half an hour or an hour depending on how late we wanted to work. With only a half an hour most days I tended to not go out to lunch all that often and it's way easier to eat better when I pack a lunch. Now that I'm forced into taking an hour lunch everyday it just tempts me everyday to go out to lunch and going out to lunch only leads to eating things like Real Chili, chicken pitas, tacos, tuna melts, etc.

Today I had another blood draw to have my Coumadin levels checked. If I have a good reading I won't have to go back for another for an entire month. Please keep your fingers crossed for me and help me to get up the nerve to ask the nurse if I'll really be able to stop taking it altogether come October. I've seen a ton of pregnant women the last few days and it makes me want another baby all the more. I have adjusted to putting our baby making on hold but in my mind we'll be able to start again come October so I'm not prepared to hear anything other than that.

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