Thursday, July 9, 2009

From Perfect to Pathetic in Less Than Ten Hours

I started off the day just right. I got up on time and was out the door with time to spare. Upon arriving at work I heated up the oatmeal I made last night and then I added a spoonful of peanut butter and a few butterscotch chips.

It was a wonderful, rich, creamy, hearty breakfast. Coffee with a little creamer is a morning staple and I needed some caffeine to help rid myself of yet another headache.

For lunch I avoided going to Bastille Days where I would have certainly had some sour cream and chive fries and hot, powdered beignets and instead stayed in and had a Lean Cuisine bbq chicken pizza. At some point I snacked on a 100 cal pack of Cheez-it mix but by 5:00 p.m. I was very hungry. It's never a good idea to arrive home hungry. I've found that I can help myself eat better if I just don't have tempting foods in the house. Unfortunately, I have little to no control over what the husband brings into the house. Sometime between yesterday and today a bag of tortilla chips found it's way into the house. They caught my eye and then I swear they were calling to me. I was in the living room holding Quinn and I could hear whispers of "Kelly, come eat us; Keellllyyyy there must be salsa somewhere just come have a snack." Then the whispers got louder and louder until I was pouring salsa into a bowl and opening the chips. In some ways it felt as though I was on auto-pilot. I ate the chips straight from the bag.

After eating the chips 'n salsa I should have just stopped eating but then the husband suggested going to the nearby custard stand for dinner and I gave in and had him bring me back a blt and a Snickers sundae. Now here I sit here feeling sick to my stomach and wondering when things will become easier. Will I ever be able to be as happy reaching for an apple as I am reaching for chips? How could a day that started off so perfectly end so pathetically?

Have you heard that Project Runway is set to start in August? I'm eagerly awaiting it's return and now I just saw an ad for the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Can tv get much trashier? Oh yes, it already has, it's called NYC Prep.

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