Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Never Go to Bed Angry

No, the husband and I weren't fighting, but last night once we were in bed we were discussing a topic that should really just be banned from the bedroom - taxes. Actually, it should probably just be banned all the time because all it does is upset me. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, in the city of Milwaukee to be exact, and I always assumed that I would raise my children here. When the husband and I bought our house I was overjoyed that it was only two blocks away from where I grew up. I was excited to think about my kids going to the same school that I did, playing at the same park, etc. Every year though it gets a little harder for us to stay in the city and in the state. The year after we bought our house our property taxes went up a crippling 72%. Yes, you read that correctly - 72%! In the past two years our property value has fallen by over $20,000 and yet our taxes have barely gone down at all. The cost for registering our cars rose by $40 last year, WE Energies was granted even more rate increases, soon there will be yet another fee tacked on to my cell phone because we wouldn't want cable tv to be the only thing that has a bunch of fees tacked onto it. There's so many more but I'm getting angry just typing this. And, these are just state issues, if I begin to even think all the federal tax and spending increases I will not be able to sleep again tonight. Ugh.

So, instead of wondering what Thomas Jefferson would think of the state of our union today I'm going to go watch some reality tv. Tori & Dean here I come.

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