Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Done!

Here are a few things I'm done with, at least until we decide to try for a third:

1. PIO/PIA shots
2. Progesterone gel
3. Ultrasounds performed by a wand
4. Infertility treatments
5. Testing early for pregnancy
6. Taking my temperature every morning and charting
7. Ovulation predictor sticks'
8. Shots of stimulating drugs

I hope that I'm also done worrying, at least about this pregnancy and this baby. Today was my nuchal translucency ultrasound. The tech didn't really say anything either way but I saw her take the measurements and then promptly headed home to ask Dr. Google what they would mean. They are behold what would be a marker for Down's Syndrome so although I don't have the results I think everything will come back normal.

My morning sickness is improving. I'm throwing up some mornings but not every morning. Mainly I am gagging a lot but keeping myself from actually vomiting. More foods are appealing to me so that makes things easier.

It seems as though summer is winding down and I'm finding it somewhat sad. Normally I welcome the changing leaves but this year it seems I'm not quite ready to see summer end. Maybe it was horrible winter we had, maybe it's that I love the freedom to just run QT outside to play when he needs to burn off some little boy energy, or maybe it's just that the winter will bring so many changes. I've never been all that good with change.

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my hope my faith my love said...

So happy you are done!

Hoping to be done soon myself. I guess a girl could dream