Monday, August 11, 2008

What's on the Radar?

I ordered a doppler the other day and it arrived on Friday. I've read about other women who got these and either loved or hated them. Yes, hearing the heartbeat would be very reassuring but not finding the heartbeat would bring on a panic like no other. The fear of the latter is what kept me from getting one for my first pregnancy. This time around is different though. I am used to more monitoring and so this long break of four whole weeks in between visits just feels like an eternity. I tried it out Friday, twice Saturday and again yesterday and nothing. I can find my own heartbeat and every once in a while the doppler registers a higher heartbeat, high enough to be the baby's, but even with the volume turned all the way up I can't hear anything. I'm trying not to worry as I am only 10 weeks today and I know that is early to be able to hear the heartbeat with a doppler but I'm really hopeful that I'll find it soon.

Yesterday I was introduced to Guitar Hero for the Wii. It was fun but I feel like an arthritic old grandma who has been knitting for eight hours straight today. I seem to have lost some feeling in three of my left fingers. Guess I should have read all the fine print and warnings that come along with the game that I'm sure warn of the dangers of losing feeling in your finger tips if you keep battling some guitar hero to move onto the next round.

Where I found the time to play the Wii is the big question. In case you don't know, the Olympics started on Friday. I am an Olympics junkie. I'll watch anything and everything. I like them so much that I'm wishing I had taken some vacation time this week just so that I'd be able to watch the coverage during the day.


Crystal said...

Just FYI, it took DH and me a good hour to find the h/b with the doppler the first time. 10 weeks is still pretty early, too, but keep on trying and do a bunch of different angles/locations. GL!

my hope my faith my love said...


Can I ask what your IF DX was?