Friday, August 15, 2008

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

I guess I should have known that there is a limited time span in which everything can go your way. The husband got a real, genuine, teaching job with the potential for an even better teaching job next year, he was so close to getting dissertator status and I got pregnant. Things were looking good. Then, the other shoe dropped. The husband had a rough time with his preliminary exams and will not get dissertator status anytime soon. The PhD committee has recommended that he take a YEAR and re-apply for dissertator status then. Not only does that push back all of our plans at least one more year but it also puts his current teaching job in jeopardy while basically guaranteeing that he won't be be offered the better teaching job next year. Making it all the worse is that this is something I have zero control over. It would be easier for me to handle if it were me all this were happening to. I feel helpless to say anything to the husband to make him feel better and feel helpless to make certain that next year things go well. That's if there even is a next year. The husband is in such shock right now that he's not even certain that he wants to continue on with graduate school. At least for now, we're in limbo, and I don't like limbo.

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