Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

My chart looked very nice this cycle. I even had a brief time where it was triphasic. Normally that would bring on some excitement but when you start testing at 9dpo and day after day after day you see negative tests it kinda puts a damper on things. Let's face it, in the end it doesn't matter how good things look because the only thing that really needs to look good is two lines on a pregnancy test. I'm now 15dpo and I'm stopping the Lovenox and progesterone.

This morning right after I looked at yet another negative test, twisting and turning it in the light willing a second line to appear, SB woke up and asked if he could get up and come lay in the big bed with me and snuggle. Sure buddy, of course you can, and at least that made things a little bit better.

Friday I'm going to see the reproductive immunologist in Chicago and she had damn well better have some answers and a plan for me or my next post may just be from an insane asylum.

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