Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today Dr. Coulam called me a "trooper." I guess when you've given birth to three children, had a D&C, had easily 50 ultrasounds, twice as many blood draws, a HSG, a hysteroscopy, two IUIs and an IVF, and go to for weekly acupuncture treatments, having two or three more tests done doesn't really phase you.

I made the long drive this morning so that I could have a uterine blood flow study, a saline ultrasound and 12 vials of blood drawn. Apparently, the blood flow to my uterus is normal and the ultrasound showed no anatomical impediments to my getting pregnant or carrying a baby to term. So, good news. The results of the blood tests will take a week or two so I'm back to waiting. I'm just hoping I get the results in time to decide on a plan for my next cycle. Times a wastin'.

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