Saturday, September 11, 2010


I finally have a doctor who is willing to do something so long as I'm willing to pay lots of money, but willing nonetheless. At this point I'm just so jaded and so tired that I can't even muster up much anger over the ludicrous expense of mere blood work. I know that I'm at the end of the road of doctors to go see, tests to have done and treatments to look into so I might have just reached acceptance mode. I'll shell out $1,000 for blood tests if it means that someone will finally give me some answers and spell out possible treatments.

So, Dr. Coulam was very reassuring. She actually read through my records, reviewed all my past blood work results, and discussed my entire history with me. And she listened, really listened to what I said. It sounds simple but it happens rarely with doctors. She does not think my losses are chromosome related and so she wants to investigate the other three possible issues. One is that there is something anatomically causing the pregnancies to fail and so next week I will have another hysteroscopy to check for fibroids and polyps and also a uterine blood flow ultrasound to make sure there is enough blood going to be uterus to support a pregnancy. Second, the million and one blood tests to check for clotting and immune issues. Third, blood testing for the husband to see if my body is possibly reacting to some part of his contribution to the baby. After the test results are in I will meet with her once again so we can review the results and discuss possible treatments. So for right now I'm satisfied that I'm on the right path and with the right doctor. I only wish there was some way to make this all go faster.

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