Friday, June 8, 2012

Two Years Later

If you had asked me two years ago today as I sat in my doctor's office crying because I had just been told my baby no longer had a heart beat if I would have another baby I would have resoundingly answered yes.  I'm stubborn like that and my losses weren't going to stop me from pushing onward and continuing to try for a third child.

Now, if you had asked if I would have another child AND be pregnant with yet another I think my answer would have been no way.  Not because another child was unwanted but simply because my brain wouldn't have been able to figure out the logistics of that.  And so it is with the life, somethings are just mysteries in how and why they happen.  This baby is a wonderful mystery.

Speaking of mysteries, QT is quite adamant that she would like a baby sister and then another baby brother.  I told her we would need some time to think over adding a fifth baby, afterall, where would a fifth baby sleep?  She said he could sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag.  Problem solved.  Anyway, every time SB hears QT say how she wants a baby sister, he responds with "you don't get to choose, it's a mystery."  And he's right.

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