Friday, June 22, 2012

Back to One Baby

The husband, SB and QT all piled on a plane Wednesday and headed down to Texas. It was the kids first time on an airplane and I was sad to miss it but I'm just not feeling up to a big trip with all three kids, not to mention, everyday I take off from work now is another day I don't have for my maternity leave. So, I am home with just the Sully. It's strange to go back to the days of having just one baby. I've been planning Sully's first birthday party and at the same time I'm beginning to wonder if he's heading down the same road QT did. He's barely crawling, mainly he rolls around to get where he wants to be, and he's making no attempts at all to stand. And, much like QT, when I try to stand him up he pulls his feet up off the ground. I was really hoping that the helmet would be his one "thing." SB had the NICU, QT has IVF and her little robo-legs and Sully had the helmet. I suppose another set of robo-legs wouldn't be the worst thing but geez, what's up with my kids and their bones/legs/muscles?

It's hard to let myself get too worried since he's such a cutie:

Notice that he is holding the tv remote control. He really does take after me.

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