Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Meow Kitty Party Time!

Tomorrow is QT's birthday. I can't even believe she's turning three. Where have the years gone? Where is my little baby snuggling in my arms? She's so big now I can't even lift her anymore, although we do still snuggle in bed sometimes.

I was off from work on Monday so I decided to spend the day with her as an early birthday present. We went to see Puss in Boots. She enjoyed the movie but I think she enjoyed eating an entire medium size popcorn even more. After the movie we visited the Build-a-Bear store where she selected a Hello Kitty, had it stuffed, gave it a bath and then picked out a cute robe with matching slippers. It dawned on me when we got home that Hello Kitty is actually a very self-centered little kitty. Her robe was covered in Hello Kitty faces and even her slippers had Hello Kitty heads on them. That would be like me getting a robe and slippers made with my face plastered all over them. Who wears clothes with pictures of themselves on them? Hello Kitty does, that's who.

Sunday we'll have her birthday party. February birthdays aren't really the easiest to plan for. SB has a great birthday at the end of September where I can plan something at the house but the weather is normally nice enough that the kids can get outside and run around. We have a small, inflatable bouncy house that we pull out and it's great to not have everyone crowded in our little house. But February? February is cold, snowy, rainy or muddy. There's no going outside. And, because she's not in school yet and doesn't really have friends her own age it's hard to plan a party out somewhere. Her cousins are a little too old for things that would be fun for her.

She got to pick her theme. Last year she had an owl themed party and this year she requested a "meow kitty" party. Really, it's just a party with invitations that have a kitty on them, a happy birthday banner with a kitty on it and thank-you cards with kitties on them. One of my nieces is making a cake with a kitty on it so that will round out the kitty theme.

I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast.

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