Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinterest Makes Me Feel Like a Failure

Today I received some emails that recipes I pinned on my Pinterest boards were re-pinned. Whenever that happens I like to go and check out the boards of the people who have re-pinned my items. Inevitably, I end up pinning a whole bunch of stuff from their boards. I mainly pin recipes that look delicious, look super easy to make or seem like things my kids would eat. In reviewing my board, however, I realize I have only made about one thing from an entire, ever growing, slew of recipes. And that makes me feel like a failure. How is something that's meant to be fun and organizational make me feel so bad? Because it's yet one more thing out there, taunting me, and reminding me that I rarely even muster up the energy to try a new recipe. So, so, sad.

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