Monday, June 1, 2015

Longest Game in Miller Park History

One great thing about living in Milwaukee is that it isn't a huge city but it still has many things that really big cities have, like major league baseball.  Granted, this year it has been a hard year to be a Brewers fan as they have just been horrible. Horrible.  Despite that, it's still fun to get out to the ballpark and see a game.  A few weeks ago I was able to take Shannon to a night game and Sully was so disappointed that he couldn't come along.  I promised him that he would get his chance and that chance came yesterday.  Sully dressed in his team gear and spent the morning contemplating the odds of the Brewers winning.

Once at the stadium he was pretty excited and really enjoyed watching the game.

Little did we know at the time that the game would end up being the longest in Miller Park history - 17 innings in all!  Needless to say, by about the 14th inning there weren't many fans left.

We got to the see the sausages race twice and do a second 7th/14th inning stretch.  We also got to see Martin Maldonado hit a walk-off home run to win the game and, best of all, we got to see Sully run the bases after the game.  He was super careful to touch each base and was so proud of himself as he crossed home plate.  I honestly don't think he could get any cuter.  I am so happy I got to spend the day with him.

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