Friday, October 24, 2014

Planning the Old School Way

Despite my extreme exhaustion, or perhaps because of it, I actually feel like I am getting more done.  Part of what has helped I believe is going back to using an old school, paper planner.  Years ago I gave up my paper calendar in favor of having an online one.  I found, however, that it just wasn't really for me.  I'd write things on slips of paper meaning to add them to my electronic calendar later but then would forget, or, I just found adding things on my small phone cumbersome.  So, before school started back up for the kids this year, I added their school and activity schedules into my Cozi calendar (which the husband can also view), but I also ordered a paper planner for myself.

I've really found myself being better about getting things done during the week and meal planning now that I have one place to write down weekly and daily tasks along with at least a dinner plan for each night.  Even at work this has been helpful because I have been using it to map out times of the time to work on some of my bigger projects.  It's like all those articles that tell you to schedule exercise because you'll be more likely to actually exercise (okay, bad example, that has never worked for me with regards to exercising.)  Now that I'm writing everything down I find myself more likely to actually do those things.

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