Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm a 29 Year-Old Again

Isn't it amazing how far science advances in just a few years?  When I was pregnant with my first I believe I was offered the triple screen blood test to test for chromosome abnormalities.  Then, with my second, third and fourth I had a nuchal translucency scan along with some blood work.  I remember that with Maren, my fourth, I asked my doctor about skipping the NT scan and instead doing what was then one of the new blood tests which are nearly 100% accurate in finding the most common trisomies.  He said that insurance companies were not yet covering those tests and so I opted for the NT scan instead.

This pregnancy is a bit unique in that although I am 43, the embryo I am pregnant with was created when I was 36.  That still puts me into a higher risk category, but not as high as that of a 43 year-old.  This time around, I was offered the MaterniT21 test and was encouraged to have that done rather than the nuchal scan.  Unfortunately, the lab used for the test is not covered by my insurance and although the company offers a very reduced rate in those situations, I decided not to spend the money out of pocket and instead decided on having the "old fashioned" nuchal scan done.  I figured that would allow me another look at the baby, an opportunity to have my cervix measured to help calm my fears about it shortening, and if the results came back that our odds being high of there being something wrong, I could always still have the MaterniT21 test done.

I had the scan done last Monday and, thankfully, everything looked really good.  My doctor called me yesterday with the results of the accompanying blood work and that too came back good.  He said I now fall into the same risk category of a 29 year-old.  It sure feels good to be 29 again, if only for statistical results.

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