Friday, July 25, 2014

My Dining Room Table

We have a very small kitchen in our house. So small that there isn't room for a table. The upside is that we have a beautiful dining room. Last year around this time I posted about bringing dinner back and we have been eating at the dining room table ever since.  Lately, we've even been eating breakfast around the table as a family.  It is nice to come home and have a chance to catch up with the kids and also with the husband.

What isn't so nice, is sitting down to a messy, clutter filled table.  My husband jokes that if there is a flat surface that I will find a way to fill it with clutter.  And you know what?  He's right.  I'm a stacker by nature.  Magazines, catalogs, bills, school papers, all end up in a big stack on my dining room table.  Books to return to the library, art work the kids brought home from a zoo class, boat batteries in need of recharging, shoes that need to be taken to the repair shop, even science experiments that were tried with gram and pop, all make their way to my dining room table.  It really is the center of our home.

Clearing it off is a never ending battle for me.  It should be easy, either put the stuff where it goes or throw it away.  But, it just never is that easy.  My inner hoarder comes out and as I page through the magazines I think oh, I want that recipe, I need to look that up online and pin it (to my Pinterest board of things I will never actually get around to making.)  Or, oh, that's the perfect sweater for Quinn this fall but I don't want to spend the money on it right now so I'll save this catalog to remind myself to go and look later to see if it's on sale.  And on and on until I'm left with a stack about the same size as when I started.

So, my mission this fall is to try and really minimize how much ends up on the table, and even the surrounding surfaces as I have a tendency to clean off the dining room table by simply moving the stacks to other flat surfaces.  Maren is getting old enough to not need the high-chair, so soon she'll be moving into the 6th chair which also happens to be the chair I stack most of the piles in front of.  If keeping her ever wandering hands off my stuff isn't motivation, I don't know what is.

Here's a sampling of recent days:

Sad to say, this is the best of the bunch.  Quinn's Bob Books and Knot Genie , the husband's battery charger and hat, a box to go back to Lands' End, Sully's box of eye patches .  And stacks of stuff.

The stack gets bigger, shoes appear, the diaper bag is waiting to be emptied of filled, I can't remember which and two glass jars are filled with some kind of lava lamp liquid because yea, that's not going to get broken and ruin the table, chairs and floor.

And the perhaps the worst but mainly because I had my purse there (on top of a stack of mail) so I could grab a pen with which to do the puzzles in the paper while I sipped my coffee and ran PerkTV ads on my iPad.

Tomorrow is Sully's birthday party so I need to make a lot of progress on this mission tonight.

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