Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ducks Wandering Out of the Row

I guess it's just too much to hope that things stay all lined up and ready to go.  My list of things to do before proceeding was the FET was all checked off.  Save some money - check.  Lose weight - check.  Good pap test - check.  Get the okay from hematologist - check. 

As of today, my ducks are running for the hills.  I've spent some of the money I saved, I've gained 10 pounds and when I requested a prescription for Lovenox from the hematologist a nurse called me back and said I had to come back in for another appointment.

The appointment I had with the hemo in April was pretty complete.  We discussed my history, my DVT, what the suspected cause was, how I'd used Lovenox in all of my subsequent pregnancies without incidence and how moving forward I would do the same during the FET.  Before leaving I was given the a-okay to proceed and told to call when I needed the blood thinners.  So, not sure what there is left to be discussed, but whatever it is it's going to cost me $35 to find out.  At least I was able to get an appointment for this week as I'm on track to start the meds for the FET at the end of the month.

The plan is to do the FET mid-August so I figure I can hopefully take off the 10 pounds I've gained by then.  I'm rededicating myself to eating better and eating less.  I have some Brewer's games and Sully's birthday coming up but I'm confident that I can power through and let myself have just one treat at the ball games, instead of every treat.

Which would also help push another duck into line - my spending.  I have a definite pattern of doing well with saving, clipping coupons, not needlessly spending and then it's like the dam bursts and I start buying everything in site.  I'm smart enough to recognize the pattern but not smart enough to stop it which just frustrates me all the more.

So, I'm engaging in a no-spending challenge.  Nothing crazy like going an entire month, more like just this week and then I'll re-evaluate for next week.  I also am going to set aside a little time this week to really review my budget.  I already know where I've gotten way off track but I want to analyze what I have allocated and see if there is a way to move some money around and really better prioritize where it all goes.

If anyone has any great tips or stories of how they stopped needless spending, I'm all ears.

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