Sunday, February 2, 2014

Strabismus and Accomodative Esotropia

Poor Sully.  As if physical therapy at under six months old, a funky head helmet for a few months under a year old, hernia surgery at two-years old and  now speech therapy weren't enough, he's been diagnosed with stabismus and accommodative esotropia.  I think back when I was young this was just called a lazy eye.

A few weeks back I noticed that his right eye was crossing in towards his nose.  The first time I saw it I just thought it was weird but sort of brushed it off given all the weird stuff that goes on with kids and that I'd never seen it happen before.  But then I saw it again and my sister noticed it so I gave our pedi a call.  It was funny, when the doctor walked into the exam room he looked at Sully, looked at the husband and me and said "I haven't looked at the chart yet to see why you're here but we're going to need to talk about that eye." 

He checked inside Sully's eye and declared it free of any tumors, which hadn't even occurred to me as a possibility until right at that moment, and then suggested he see a pediatric opthamologist so that's what we did on Friday.  There they checked his vision, declared him farsighted, and explained that his eye was crossing in (esotropia) to help accommodate that.  The plan is to see if it can be corrected with glasses alone and if not then we would move onto possibly patching the stronger, left eye or even surgery on the eye muscles to help straighten the eye.  Let's hope the glasses work.

I took Sully right from the eye doctor to pick out glasses since he was in a pretty good mood and hey, I was already off from work.  He was not excited to try them on but my hope is once there are actual lenses in them he'll want to wear them since his vision will be better with them on.  I settled on big, round frames since they make him look like an adorable little professor but also because it will take him longer to outgrow them and they aren't cheap.  The sample they had was in brown but I ordered them in orange!

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