Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meals Planned, Made and Eaten

Will wonders never cease?  This week I created a very loose meal plan and actually managed to stick to it.  Simply amazing.  So often I plan meals and then when the day arrives I just don't feel like eating what I have planned to make.  Or, I don't feel like making what I have planned to make.  Or, calling for pizza delivery just seems so much easier.

Last week Saturday I made the simplest of simple chuck roasts.  I threw it in a crock pot, dumped a jar of salsa on top and cooked on low for about eight hours.  When it was done I shredded the meat and Sunday night we used it in soft-shelled tacos.  Wednesday I used the crock pot again to make baked potatoes and then topped them with the shredded beef.

Other easy dinners this week were silver dollar rolls with turkey and cheese, chicken nuggets and french fries the night that the husband works late and another crock pot meal of pepper steak served over minute rice.

Today my plan is to roast a chicken.  Yep, a real, whole chicken.  I'm experimenting to see which is better - buying a whole chicken on sale and roasting it myself, or just picking up a rotisserie chicken.  If that doesn't chicken us all out  I may make slow cooked chicken chili this week.

I haven't spent much time thinking about anything else to make this coming week.  Last week I had thought about making a bow tie pasta bake so that is being moved to the list for this week.  Those three things may be enough if I consider leftovers on at least one night and the chicken nugget Tuesday  night tradition.

Now I'm off to dig out my roasting pan.  See you all when the chicken's done.

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