Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Good to be Seven

Happy Birthday Shannon! 

I can't believe my little boy turns seven today.  He got his name on the school sign and was very excited about it.  He also got to choose the lunch for the whole school.  He decided on an "MGC McMuffin" with sausage, egg and fruit with cake for dessert.  Quinn was excited about the cake, less so about the McMuffin.

Instead of packing his normal healthy snack, I played super mom (for one night only) and made him a special birthday snack.  He saw this magazine cover:

and thought these would be great to bring in.  After reading that you make them with pre-made Rice Krispie treats, I agreed.  So, one trip to the grocery store and about $30 later, we started making little monster treats.  It took around two minutes for Shannon to become disinterested and ten for Quinn to wander off leaving me alone in the kitchen dipping rice treats in melted chocolate, twisting Oreo cookies in half, applying Junior Mints and M&Ms as eyeballs and finally applying mini M&Ms as colorful decoration.  All in all, they didn't turn out nearly as neat and cute as on the cover (things rarely do) but they were still cute.

Quinn did make another appearance to do the mouths (and eat the leftover halves of Oreos and M&Ms.)  The one on the bottom right is singing and the very squiggly ones are supposed to be moustaches. 

I'm sure after this the teacher will hate me for sending in something that probably covered the kid's hands in a chocolate, sticky mess.  Maybe that's why I send in so many rolls of paper towels though at the beginning of the year.

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