Thursday, April 18, 2013

Off Plan

The week has gotten away from me.  How is it Friday again already?  I made the chuck roast taco meat on Sunday and that's about as far as I got in adhering to my menu plan.  Oh wait, tonight I had leftover pizza from lunch so I guess I hit that one too, just a day early.  Everything came together and the husband and I actually got to go out, on a weeknight no less, for dinner.  Monday, the in-laws were in town and agreed to watch the kids and we had a Groupon that was about to expire for one of our favorite restaurants, Envoy.  It's in a beautiful art deco hotel, the Ambassador, and whenever I'm there I feel like I've almost gone back in time.  The owners did a wonderful job remodeling it and bringing it back to it's original glory.  Back in the day, like when I was in college, the hotel was very run down and the sort of place that rented by the hour.  So, it's great to see it look new again.  I had a pink lady cocktail that was so strong I later needed two cups of strong coffee to help me sober up.  For dinner we started with a cheese plate and then I had a wedge salad followed by salmon and finished up the meal with a chocolate sponge type cake.  The husband had a Waldorf salad, pork tenderloin for his entree and lemon cake for dessert.

We might get to start going out even more because I've managed to find three decent babysitters.  It's not easy to find someone to watch four kids and although I had gotten the name of a few teenagers a little while back from another mom, I just don't think I'm comfortable having a 16 year-old watch all of the kids.  So, I gave in and put an ad up on  I was surprised by how many responses I got to my ad.  We interviewed four different women and out of those two were near perfect, one was good and the other was nice enough but didn't seem all that interested in the kids so we probably won't use her.  I'm excited at the prospect of going to a few Brewer's games this summer or maybe even a movie.

Monday was also the day we took Sully to consult with the pediatric surgeon.  He was in good spirits until we'd been in the waiting room for over half an hour and then he started to get restless.  At some point he decided he was ready to go so he took his coat and toddled over to the doors to leave.  It was really quite cute and this continued once we made it back into the exam room.  He was making it known that he was sick of waiting on the doctor.  The nurse checked him first and said it was a good thing he was crying and screaming at the top of his lungs because it helped her see the hernias that much better.  She assumed he would need surgery and another ten minutes later the surgeon came in and confirmed.  He said that the surgery is a pretty routine one and that it is better tolerated in younger kids so it's best to get it taken care of now.  I scheduled the surgery for the end of June and am not quite as nervous about it as I was when we first found out about the possibility of him needing surgery.  But, I'm sure when the day comes I'll be more nervous than I am right now.  I hate the thought of my little guy getting put to sleep and cut into, even if it's just a very small incision.

If I make tomorrow a fish-fry Friday I could sorta kinda get back on my menu plan.  Fish might also help me catch back up on my weight loss.  I lost another pound last week but saw it come back after the big night out on Monday.  It would be nice to see it gone again by this weekend.


ArchAngel said...

Kelly! Do you have any contact info available? I have a question for you about intralipids!

Kelly said...

Sure, you can email me at