Friday, March 8, 2013

Surgery, Sequestration, Savings and Sleep

This week really seemed to drag.  Right now I'm in bed with Maren lying next to me on the Boppy, Shannon squished in next to her and Quinn hanging out at the end of the bed.  They (Quinn and Shannon, obviously not Maren) are playing electronic devices (Nintendo DS and my old iPhone) while I sit here wondering how early I can get them all to go to sleep so that I too may go to sleep.  If I wasn't so darn tired I might feel guilty for wanting to shoo them off to bed, but honestly I'm too worn out to feel guilt.

Lots of stuff going on this week.  After finding out that Sully will need surgery I made an appointment with a pediatric surgeon.  The first available time was on April 15th so that is a bit of a ways off.  I still haven't gotten around to making an appointment for my follow-up Pap test.  Yea, I'm too chicken to even face making the appointment, much less to find out the results of the test once it's done.

Yesterday, I found out at work how the federal government's sequestration will effect me.  As it stands right now, I will most likely be facing taking two unpaid days off.  It certainly could be worse and so in so many ways I'm grateful that it might only be two days.  And yet, in other ways I'm disappointed.  Disappointed in our government which hasn't been able to pass a budget in years and deems it necessary to make cuts to personnel budgets over other, bloated areas of federal agency spending.  But, of course, no-one would care if agencies cut out say redecorating offices because most tax payers would agree that in lean fiscal times you shouldn't be spending money to redecorate and having the President and Congress on tv bemoaning how people won't be able to redecorate their offices wouldn't make a good news story.  And so, instead, personnel budgets get cut because saying that the FBI is going to have to furlough workers and national security will be compromised does make a great news story.  It's sad.

Knowing that sequestration and possible furloughs have been looming has helped motivate me to be a bit more frugal at the grocery story.  I've been making a greater effort to clip coupons, to use them on a double coupon day and most importantly, but hardest to pull off, using coupons that will double when the items are also on sale at the store that week.   I certainly am not anywhere close to the level of the extreme couponers who get their $300 grocery store tab down to mere pennies, but I did get a bottle of aspirin the other day for $0.13 and got two packages of the new Kraft Fresh Take kits for FREE. 

Now I just need to figure out what to make with them.  The packages all show pictures of chicken but ugh, chicken breast is just so boring, even when coated in cheese and breadcrumbs.  Kraft has put out a recipe book that includes ways to use the kits in different dips as well as some side dishes so I may explore something like that over chicken.  Stayed tuned for some serious meal planning coming up. 

Got all the kids in their beds and they are sleeping away so it's time for me to do the same.  Meal planning can wait.

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