Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stuff the Kids Love

When I had Shannon I knew I wanted to have more children and therefore, I saved just about everything of his.  From clothes, to bottles, to toys, to sheets, to blankets - you get the idea.  Anything I thought could be used again got packed up and stored in the basement.  When Quinn came along I bought new clothes but things like toys emerged from their dark storage and some of the same ones Shannon loved, Quinn loved.  As she grew older those toys headed back into storage only to appear again with Sully's arrival.  And again, there were a couple toys that Shannon had loved, Quinn had loved that Sully end up loving equally as much.  I figure those are the winners; tried, true, tested and definitely Terry kid approved.  So, I figure from time to time, I'll pass along the kid's top picks.

Today, Sully recommends the Classical Baby 3-Pack - Music, Art & Dance
 which includes full versions of the Art Show, the Music Show and the Dance Show.

Each video features classic works of art, music and dances from ballet to jazz.  Babies, toddlers and even older children are mesmerized by the music and clever animation and in something quite rare for videos aimed at children, it's enjoyable for adults to watch as well.  I can say that even after six years of viewing these videos, I still enjoy them and can't wait for Maren to fall in love with them the same way Shannon, Quinn and Sully have.

Hint:  if you have HBO they show the Art Show, the Dance Show, the Music Show and even a compilation episode frequently so set your DVR, tape them and then you'll have them without having to buy the DVDs.

There is also a version called the Poetry Show but my kids must not be that sophisticated because that one has not been a hit.

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