Sunday, March 3, 2013

Four and More

Last weekend we celebrated Quinn's fourth birthday in grand Hello Kitty style.  Her cousin Natalie made a super cute Hello Kitty cake for her:

We had the party at Generations at Play which is basically a big room with a million and one toys plus a fancy coffee bar for the adults.  It was a great way to let the kids and adults have fun without me having to clean my house!

As part of the fun, the kids all got to paint magic wands.  At first Quinn was a little scared to put on an art smock but once she got past that she had a ton of fun.

She got quite the haul of toys, some of which are still not unpacked.  It just all adds up so fast.  I've already decided that for Shannon's party we'll ask for only presents of books which will then be donated to the school classroom or library and perhaps we'll do that for Quinn's fifth birthday as well.

I have no idea where the four years since she was born have gone.  It doesn't seem that long ago that we were going through IVF in an attempt to have her.  And it certainly seems strange to think that her "twin" is still frozen and that we may be doing a frozen embryo transfer as early as this August.  Not quite sure I'm ready for that yet.

In an attempt to make sure we can, at some point, do a the frozen transfer I started the mega-vitamin regime.  I now have an entire box full full of various vitamin bottles.  The kids love helping me every night to get out the ones I'll take the next day.  It's a little overwhelming.

And here they are all lined up from biggest to smallest.

That's a whole lotta pills.  I haven't scheduled my next pap test yet, I guess I'm nervous about setting an actual date by which I'll know if things have improved or not but I'll need to get past that and call to schedule it.  Taking all the vitamins may or may not work but at least as I'm choking them down I feel as though I'm doing something that might just help.

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