Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Days Go By

Last week Sunday the husband tackled the secretary desk we got for Christmas.  It had arrived the week prior in two huge boxes and definitely required some assembly.  After our Ikea disaster this past summer which resulted in three failed delivery attempts, 18 calls to Ikea customer non-service and one assembled Ikea closet, but still sans doors, I was surprised he wanted to tackle this assembly job so quickly.

Pieces were unpacked.

Directions were read.

 Sully helped, well, not so much helped as caused mayhem.

And over the course of full day, a desk was built.  And by this past Sunday things were in place.

And yet, my dining room table remains a tad cluttered.
In my defense, the Target bag is things that need to be returned and the brown files and boxes of coffee sitting in one of the chairs are things that I will take to work with me once I return in another few weeks so those things will disappear sometime soon.

And with that, I have just moved one step closer to my fantasy world in which we eat dinner each night at the dining room table.

Yet another step forward, I made dinner!  No, it's really not THAT rare of an occurrence but it's a little rare for me to make homemade sloppy joes instead of just using Manwich and even more of a rare occurrence for me to make enough to freeze half to use later on.

And here's what you do when you break the glass lid to your skillet and have yet to hunt down another one.  Pizza pan to the rescue.

And last, but certainly not least, over the days another box filled up with things to donate.  Watching Hoarders has a way of making it just that much easier to part with stuff.

Now go, fill up some boxes of your own.

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