Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tea Time

One great thing about being home is all the flexibility.  Typically I eat breakfast sitting at my desk but the other day the husband was home, Shannon and Quinn were at school, so we decided to drop Sully off at the babysitters and go out to breakfast with just the baby.

We went to Blue's Egg, which is a great breakfast place, but most times too busy to deal with.  When it first opened, we were regulars up until the point word got out about how good it was and since we haven't been back hardly at all.  It's just too difficult to sit in a crowded reception area with all the kids waiting for a table, no matter how good the food is.  I figured we'd be safe going on a Wednesday morning but was surprised by how busy it was for a weekday.  Don't people work?

While we waited for our food they served us grapes.  I, of course, had coffee while Maren had some yummy, yummy formula.  Maren wasn't sure what to make of any of it.

Blue's Egg is a breakfast and lunch place, no dinner, and as such instead of having happy hour specials they have morning specials.  Wednesday was the day for discounted monkey bread so we took advantage.  It's no wonder I'm not losing any weight.

On the advice of our server, I ordered the potato pancakes.  These were awesome.  I managed to eat one and took home the rest.

Thursday, the grandmas, Quinn and I went out for a ladies lunch.  We went to the Watt's Tea Room, a Milwaukee institution.  Quinn dressed the part of a little lady.

I had tea.  Real loose tea, not the kind in a little bag.  I love having the silver strainer, it's so Downton Abbey.

And, keeping with the theme, I ordered the tea which included little finger sandwiches followed by finger desserts.  Unfortunately, Quinn wasn't on board with trying anything new and ended up ordering a grilled cheese sandwich.

I was super excited when the Sunshine Cake arrived.  Watt's is known far and wide for this cake.  I was so excited, in fact, that I forgot to take a picture.  You can find pics and even the recipe here.  Quinn wasn't so picky as to not try the frosting on the cake, although she refused to actually try the cake.  Weird.  What kid doesn't like cake????  Also weird, I didn't really lose any weight this week.  Hmmmm.

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