Friday, January 4, 2013

Pots and Pots of Luck

What better way to start the morning than to have Hello Kitty say hello to you!

I had waffles with peanut butter - so much better than syrup - and a steaming hot mug of coffee.  Maren had a room temperature bottle of Target brand sensitive formula.  Yummy!  We switched her to the sensitive variety in the hopes of it helping her spitting up and I think it really has.  She still spits up but we've had fewer full-on exorcist projectile vomiting incidents since switching.

Breakfast was followed by some telecommuting, followed by a shower, followed by a trip to the grocery store to pick up the necessary components for a feta cheese dip.  Work is having a New Year's potluck lunch today so I needed something quick and easy to make.  I found the recipe through Pinterest and more specifically, this blog.

Just a few simple ingredients, olive oil, feta cheese, tomatoes, green onion and Greek seasoning make the dip.

The recipe suggested Roma tomatoes but I can't stand Roma tomatoes so I choose some on the vine.  I chopped them up with the green onions and added them to the olive oil, then crumbled the feta on top of that, added a few shakes of the seasoning, mixed it all up and viola, dip, served with crusty french bread.

The pot luck lunch was fun. Everyone enjoyed the dip and I enjoyed the wide of variety of other dishes.  I had a little salad, shrimp cocktail, crackers with cheese, a deviled egg, potato salad, and apple crumble for dessert.  I had taken Maren into the office two weeks after she was born to show her off a little so it had been over a month since I'd seen my co-workers.  It was nice to talk to them in person instead of just via email.  Although I have really been enjoying working part-time from home, I do miss being in the office. 

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