Friday, January 11, 2013

Morning Has Broken

Some days morning just comes too quickly.  Maren ate at 8:00pm and then it took her a bit to fall asleep but once she did she slept a glorious five and a half hours before waking again around 2:30am to eat.  Waking up in the middle of night is quite hard for me and thankfully, the husband does the majority of the middle of the night feedings, but even so, I'm still awake through most of them.  The rock 'n play sleeper is also on my side of the bed and so when Maren is just stirring or can't fall back asleep I rock her gently and then hope that I too will quickly fall back to sleep.  That's what happened at 5:00am this morning but unfortunately, I didn't fall back asleep and before I knew it, Maren wanted to eat and my alarm was going off.

The husband got Shannon and Quinn up and dressed for school while I took care of Sully and Maren.  Today is tag day at school so that means no uniforms in exchange for a small donation.  Shannon and Quinn both chipped in a dollar and were so excited to pick out something to wear that didn't consist of navy pants, a white polo or a plaid jumper. Then we all headed downstairs for breakfast.  It never seems right to be eating breakfast while it's still dark outside.

Sully was quite camera shy this morning.  He was super excited to see banana on his tray though, really he was.

While the kids ate I emptied last nights bottles.  No, I didn't give the baby beer.  I enjoyed a very tasty Blue Moon Winter Abby Ale along with my dinner last night.  It's a special winter brew but I wish it were available all year round.

Quinn Kelly, our goldfish, got fish flakes for breakfast.  At one time there were two fish, one named Quinn and one named Kelly.  In Quinn's little mind that made the most sense as we were the people who had won them at a church festival this past summer.  When one passed away just a few days later, I made the executive decision to combine the two names in order to rename the survivor Quinn Kelly instead of having to decide which of us had died.

Hope you all had a good morning and that tomorrow morning doesn't come too quickly.

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