Saturday, January 5, 2013

Good Start, Better End

I got a good start to the day yesterday with a healthy breakfast.

 The Greek Gods pomegranate yogurt is super creamy and easily the best I've ever tasted.  I wanted a little crunch so I added a little bit of granola.  When I spotted this granola at the store it looked good, and it was good, it was not, however, crunchy which surprised me.  It was more like baked oatmeal than traditional granola.

Shannon and Quinn return to school on Monday so we decided to have some fun and go see a movie.  We decided on Monsters, Inc. and in 3D no less.  I can remember a time when I said I would never pay more than $5.00 to go see a movie and yet there I was paying an arm and a leg to see a movie that isn't even new!  I had two free passes and we were at a matinee and the total still came to $17.00.  Apparently, a free pass isn't really a free pass if you're going to a 3D movie.  On the bright side, spending that $17.00 earned me $10.00 in AMC rewards so I used that money to get popcorn.  The movie was funny and I guess I had forgotten that the lead monster is named Sullivan just like my Sully.

After the movie we browsed the Lego Store and I picked up the Star Wars Lego 2012 Advent Calendar for half-price.  I figured it wouldn't matter if by next year it's a year old because it's filled with Lego Star Wars figures, not chocolate, and because there are always 24 days before Christmas so it never matters what year the Advent calendar was produced.

Upon returning home Maren and Sully napped while Shannon and Quinn played.

I ended the day with a steaming, rich, mug of hot chocolate.

Complete with mini-marshmallows.

Shannon finished his day displaying his now almost empty mouth.  He'd lost three of his four front teeth over the last few months and just yesterday he lost his last front tooth.  My  younger sister, niece and Quinn made him a special pillow so that the tooth fairy could easily find his teeth and this was his first chance to use it.

The tooth fairy loved the pillow and left him a $2 bill.  Thank you tooth fairy!

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