Monday, December 10, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The good:

Maren slept through the night!  I headed upstairs around 9:30pm and she came with me and fell asleep lying on my chest.  Maybe an hour later I swaddled her up, put her in the rock 'n play and went to sleep myself.  At 4:30am I woke up because she was stirring but she didn't actually wake up until maybe 5:15am at which point she was so hungry so gulped down an entire 4oz bottle in record speed.  Now, having been through this before, I know that her sleeping that long last night is no indicator that it will happen again anytime soon but one can hope, right?

The bad:

Despite what could be considered a full night's sleep, I woke up yet again with an absolutely horrible migraine.  It's nothing new, as I've suffered from migraines since college, and, after each child I've had a month or two of very frequent migraines I assume from my hormones trying to get back to normal.  But, knowing it's normal doesn't make me feel any better.  Thank goodness for Frova but even that magic pill hasn't been able to completely take away the headache I have this morning.

The ugly:

So, as if it wasn't bad enough that my head feels like it's splitting in two, when I headed into the kitchen to make my morning cup of coffee I started to feel a little sick, reminiscent of morning sickness and I even threw up a little.  After throwing up for nine straight months I was really hoping for more than just a three week break!  To add insult to injury, as I lifted my head out of the kitchen sink, I caught my reflection in the window and holy huge bags under my eyes.  Ugly.

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