Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas

I was awoken this morning by Maren wanting to eat. As it was 5:00am I figured I would just get up and stay up. Oddly, I was the only one up for two full hours. I figured the other kids would be up by 6:00am and dying to see what Santa had brought them but nope, they actually slept in until nearly 7:00am. It was nice to have some time just Maren and me and coffee, let's not forget the coffee (made while holding Maren, see, there are her little Santa feet.)

Being up alone gave me the opportunity to pop the overnight french toast into the oven and have it baked by the time everyone got up. I tend to only make this on Christmas Eve but I'm not sure why I don't make it more often as it's pretty simple and tastes pretty good.

Once the kids got up it was all crazy fun from there on out.  I managed to stop them from running down the stairs long enough to snap a pictures of them in their new pajamas and robes.

And new footie pj's for Sully.

Santa was good to all the good Terry children.  Quinn got a My Little Pony castle.

Sully played with a new race track.

 Shannon helped Maren open her musical monkey.

 And last, but certainly not least, Shannon played his new WiiU.

My gift, a beautiful Mission style secretary desk, is not scheduled to arrive until mid-January, but watching the delight in the kids' eyes today was gift enough.  What a very merry Christmas it has been.

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