Sunday, December 16, 2012

Balancing Act

I'm typing this with my laptop balancing on the arm of the chair and Maren balancing on my leg.  She's sleeping so quietly, her little chest rising and falling with each breath.  Last night was a pretty good night.  She ate at 7:00pm, had a little snack at 8:30pm and then slept from 9:00pm until around 2:30am when she woke up to eat again.

It's coming on Christmas and despite my best efforts I'm running behind in my preparations.  The tree is up and decorated and a bunch of presents are wrapped and beneath it, BUT I still haven't gotten presents for a few important people and worse, I still have no idea what I'm getting them.  I really wish that the adults in my family would stop exchanging gifts but I have yet to get them to agree.  I love giving presents but what do you get people who have everything they need? After years of giving pictures of the kids I think that's getting a little old.  Last year I had the kids make some gifts for their grandparents so maybe today I'll hop on Pinterest and try and find some easy, kid friendly, crafts they could make.

So, let's add kid's crafts to the list of things to get done.......a list that keeps getting longer instead of shorter.  I've been doing better getting things done since I've been home but it's still a balancing act.  I have more time to do laundry, straighten up, organize, etc. as I'm home everyday but at the same time I'm trying to balance my desire to get all that stuff done with just spending some quiet time with Maren and some fun time with the rest of the kids.  In two short months I'll be back at work full-time and all the kids will be that much older so I really want to enjoy these moments.  And, I want to figure out a plan to maintain a better sense of balance once I am back to work full-time.  I think I could do that if I hired a full-time housekeeper but as that isn't a real possibility I'll have to find a way to make it work with just the husband, the kids and me.

Right now it's quiet time but in another five minutes Shannon, Quinn and Sully will be up and it'll be fun time!  Or at least breakfast time.

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