Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's All Good

The anatomy scan went wonderfully. Heart, check, brain, check, fingers and toes, check. Sex of baby remains unknown, at least to us. It was wonderful to see the baby squirming around and it's also wonderful that more and more I'm feeling the baby moving although I'll admit to letting panic seep in when there seems to be long gaps in feeling movement despite not being at the point where I've ever felt consistent movement. I am now officially more than half-way through this pregnancy as tomorrow will mark 21 weeks. I considered myself half-way at 19 weeks as 38 weeks is the most pregnant I have ever been. Somehow it still doesn't seem possible that I'm even pregnant, much less half-way to actually having a baby but at the same time time really seems to be flying. The nesting instinct is hitting off and on but like last time, it really has taken on sort of an organize the entire house tone rather than just focusing on preparing for the baby. I organized the refrigerator using plastic trays and I also ordered some recycling bags for the kitchen so that I won't have to keep stuffing used grocery bags full or bottles and boxes. The husband and I also made a trip down to Ikea to purchase some storage bins for the kids' toys and a stand-alone closet for our bedroom which will be used to house my shoes and his clothes. We're making strides but the house remains rather cluttered and is in need of a good purging. Someday. In more family news, Sully turned one yesterday. One! How has an entire year gone by? We had a nice, family party for him and he received more gifts than any one child needs but SB and QT were quite excited to help him out and play with all of his new toys. He's only lucky little boy and I'm a woman with even less storage space than I had when the weekend began.

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