Thursday, January 26, 2012

Piling Up

Things seem to be piling up. Sully has a bad cough, has a doctor's appointment tomorrow and will get fitted with his helmet next week. SB has been busy with school, is trying to raise money for Jump Rope for Heart (if he raises $1,000 he'll get a scooter, yea kid, good luck with that), and is gearing up for Catholic Schools week next week which means something new for me to plan for everyday (crazy hat and sock day, mismatched clothes day, etc.) and QT, well, QT is still working on using the potty and being her super cute self while having a toddler meltdown multiple times a day. That's the kids, and then there's just stuff. You know, stuff - car insurance is due, credit card payments are due, grocery shopping to be done, run and pick up prescriptions at Walgreens, oh my gosh we're almost out of toilet paper, invites for QT's meow kitty birthday party need to get sent out and on and on and on.

Anyone noticing a theme here? One of only partial organization, just enough to get by but not enough for there to be any real efficiency? Story of my life.

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